It's official!  A Nebula Elemental will be going into space with the Beads Of Courage - Beads In Space!  It will be launching on April 19, 2011 on Mission STS-134 NASA Space Shuttle Endeavour!  WOOHOO!  Launch party time for the Elementals!



Beads of Courage is a wonderful program, to which I have been donating beads.  I am now adding a feature to the website that allows you to help donate as well.  With every bead purchased on my website, I will donate a purple heart to Beads Of Courage.   Not being particularly technologically adept, I will be learning how to add this to the site, but begining in January 2009 this donation process will be active.   Be sure to check out their fabulous program for children on their website. www.beadsofcourage.org


March 2016 Update - It's about time!  Based on a recommendation from Alison Louise Murtough (look her up) I am replacing the purple heart donations with hexagon beads.  Hexagon shapes, or beads stamped with several hexagon patterns....the hexagon is healing.  I hope to be getting these ready to go soon, though with selling the house, things are chaotic.  That is also a note that must go up soon....I will be taking a break from beadmaking while traveling, looking for a new place to live.