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Warner Pet Products wrote on June 29,2020
I messed up my link below - I added the correct URL. Take a look and contact me if you'd like to supply some beads!
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Warner Pet Products wrote on June 29,2020
I like these beads - people always ask me to add beads and decorations to the dog collars I make. Im looking for a reliable bead supplier who has a good product! Please send me an email. Thanks, Warner Pet Products
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Eddie wrote on June 26,2020
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Geoff wrote on June 20,2020
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Danny wrote on June 18,2020
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Kirt wrote on June 18,2020
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Wil Grayson wrote on June 18,2020
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Ken Hopewell wrote on June 2,2020
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Kristin Gunning wrote on June 1,2020
Hello, Lee,

I hope you get this message. It is June 01, 2020! and I last had contact with you on eBay. I had won many of your sets and we had emailed personally. last time you were in limbo about living place and had made decision to stop selling on Ebay. I am helping my 88yr old mom in San Francisco and my 91 yr old father died this April 07th. He was all alone due to Virus outbreak. Haven't been able to see my sweetie either since late Feb.

If you get this message please contact me if you are open to conversation and world thoughts. Use this email, as I actually check it. Are you still creating art? besides beads?

Hoping you are well and happy!!!

Kris from California

Foundation Repair Columbia MO wrote on May 31,2020
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Philip Adams wrote on May 14,2020
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Johnny Pool wrote on April 29,2020
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Jason Smith wrote on February 26,2020
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Issac M. wrote on January 19,2020
I love some of the bead ideas, I just got my 3 year old daughter into making small bead bracelets. She loves doing it and giving them away!
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Kristin Gunning wrote on November 17,2019

It is me, Kris from Sacramento, it is 11-16-19, please contact via email when possible. The other site stopped contact with you.


Allene Rose wrote on September 16,2019
Re: sweet 16. Is it possible to have this set made bigger? 26-32 mm. There doesnât need to be 16. Thanks
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Susan Dredge wrote on July 28,2019
Wonderful lampwork!
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Susan Moore wrote on July 7,2019
I've found quite a few different pieces and sets here I love. I must admit, I've been stingy sharing this site. Lol!

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Maria wrote on August 9,2017
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Maria wrote on August 9,2017
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Kris Moritz wrote on May 4,2014
Hi Lee. This is Kris, known on eBay as "laylasbeads." Just letting you know an alternate way to contact me, if you like, about "Gaia Electric." Thanks! Kris

courages wrote on July 16,2012
I'm just blown away by what you are doing!
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o88i3 wrote on July 16,2012
Enjoyed the bead making class last week. Have an area ready to start making beads today......thx again:)

juney wrote on July 16,2012
Would like to order bead with the "adapter" that allows you to change beads.

memory wrote on June 15,2012
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Kathy wrote on November 28,2011
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Sally Woodbury wrote on September 28,2011
LOVE< LOVE< LOVE everything. I know where to send my family to shop for me!

Rachael Montejo wrote on September 2,2011
Hey! Just thought I would sign your guest book!

Auntie Moon wrote on March 25,2011
Madame Woodburn, Your Art is "Out of this World".
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Jen wrote on January 7,2011
Hello, I'm Kimmy's lil sister;Jen. I love your work I will have 2 start saving I already have 350 worth I want to buy = ) Good Luck

Carol Glinski wrote on May 8,2010
Enjoyed the bead making class last week. Have an area ready to start making beads today......thx again:)

Laura B in Houston wrote on March 8,2009 about this piece
Hello Lee, oh Great and Exalted Bead Creator!! I notice there are 2 prices for this charming Elemental. In purple, it is $55. In the box, it is $60 and, when added to the cart, the price is $60. The $55 sounds much better.

Laura Birkens wrote on January 16,2009 about this piece
Greetings....I won your Memory elemental eBay auction. These are great. Would you please include the bead measurements for the web site listings? Size does make a difference... lol. Thank you. Laura

Paula Meehan wrote on December 5,2008 about this piece
Love your work.

Saw it at Jordan Hospital 12/5.

Would like to order bead with the "adapter" that allows you to change beads. They came in different lengths. 1", 11/2" and I think you also had a 2" one. Sorry I do not remember what they are called

Wendy Poskanzer wrote on August 13,2008
Your work is terrific!

Kell from Oz wrote on June 23,2008
Love your work! So original and look forward to providing a home for more elementals as time goes on.

lisa wrote on June 15,2008
hello, would you consider doing some remakes of your latest ebay toggles? thanks! lisa

Melanie wrote on October 9,2007

I "discovered" you on eBay and I really like your fanciful work. I want to incorporate it with some of my wire - can we and the tribals talk about it? Thanks.

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Leslie wrote on August 8,2007
I'm just blown away by what you are doing! Incredible work!

Lisa wrote on July 13,2007
Great Beads - I discovered your work on ebay and I just love it, especially the "bees". You are now in my favorites on ebay and this site.

Allison wrote on June 11,2007
Gorgeous, interesting beads!

NVH wrote on June 10,2007
Wow! Great work, original stuff, Really like the site.

I'll add you to my favorites now.